Don’t miss out on the conference of the year: Join the 2024 ACVIM Forum, June 6-8!

Don’t miss out on the conference of the year: Join the 2024 ACVIM Forum, June 6-8!

March 7, 2024— The 2024 ACVIM Forum, held in Minneapolis June 6-8 and virtually, presents a unique opportunity for veterinarians to invest in their professional growth. Here are three ways that attending this year’s ACVIM Forum can elevate your practice:

1. Stay Updated:

Veterinarians can discover the latest advancements in specialty medicine research at the 2024 ACVIM Forum. By attending sessions in cardiology, large animal internal medicine, neurology, nutrition, oncology and small animal internal medicine and more, veterinarians can gain insights into innovative treatments and diagnostic tools.

2. Build Connections:

The 2024 ACVIM Forum is a great opportunity for primary care vets to connect with specialists. From networking sessions to workshops and research exchanges, the ACVIM Forum strives to bring together a diverse group of veterinary professionals. Veterinarians can establish valuable connections with specialists, opening the door for collaboration and support. These relationships can be particularly beneficial when dealing with complex cases, allowing veterinarians to establish referral partnerships.

3. Learn New Skills:

Through innovative sessions and lectures, the ACVIM Forum emphasizes the application of specialized skills in everyday practice, offering veterinarians a chance to learn skills that they can implement in their clinics. Whether it’s mastering advanced techniques or refining current skills, the opportunities available at the 2024 ACVIM Forum can empower vets to enhance the quality of care that they provide to their patients.

The 2024 ACVIM Forum is a unique chance for professional growth and offers veterinarians a pivotal opportunity to elevate their practice through insights, networking and skill enhancement.

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