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Our purpose

In today’s world, it is more vital now than ever before to stand together as one unified veterinary community. Your membership gives a voice to our Colorado profession; together, we are protecting organized veterinary medicine and the pets and people who depend on it.

This is your profession. This is our cause. Come join us.

Introducing a new kind of membership in 2022…built for every veterinarian in Colorado.

If you’re a longtime CVMA member, chances are you may notice something a little different about the 2022 membership options. We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how we can design a CVMA membership that brings everyone into the CVMA family, and we’re pleased to roll it out for 2022 membership renewals!

Here’s what may catch your eye about the membership changes:

  1. Goodbye, tiered membership levels! We’ve moved away from a tiered membership system with Basic, Core, and Premium membership levels and have replaced it with simpler membership options based on roles.
  2. Hello, practice price breaks! Have 3 or more doctors in your practice? We now offer practice price breaks on membership! The more doctors who join CVMA, the more you’ll save (Note: All doctors must renew at the same time to receive the discount).
  3. New Public Service Membership: Do you work for a non-profit, shelter, government/military, or academic employer? You’re now eligible for our new Public Service rate!
  4. New Practice Manager Membership: We know that behind every great veterinarian, there’s a practice manager staying on top of running the business and keeping ahead of the latest veterinary news – that’s why we created the Practice Manager Membership, designed for any practice or office manager who has an active Veterinarian Member.
  5. Simplifying the chapter structure: To connect more of our members with one another and foster local community, we’re restructuring the number of CVMA chapters down from 16 to 8 chapters. Learn more about the new CVMA chapters.

What members are saying

My experiences within the CVMA have broadened my view of the importance of each part of the veterinary profession. We need one another. Everyone brings something unique to the table to make CVMA a complete organism.”

Curtis Crawford, DVM
CVMA Past President

“I am so appreciative of the prompt response[s] and extremely thorough and kind representatives [at] CVMA…it is obvious you guys truly do care about your members, and I am grateful to have you as a resource.”

Tianna Crane, Practice Manager
Jasper Animal Hospital

How we help veterinary professionals

Membership options

Together, we can make a difference.

IMPORTANT: CVMA memberships are not pro-rated. All 2021 memberships expire 12/31/2021. 2022 membership renewals are now open. Any membership purchased between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022 will expire on 12/31/22. 

Chapter dues may apply. For information on your chapter dues, please check out our Chapter FAQs.

Already a member?

Best price
  • Veterinarian (Active) -- Practice price breaks available!

  • $320/ yr.
  • Note: All doctors must renew at the same time to receive a practice price break.
Best price
  • Veterinarian (Public Service) -- NEW!

  • $225 /yr.
Best price
  • Veterinarian (Recent Graduate)

  • $205/ yr.
Best price
  • Veterinarian (Retired)

  • $120 /yr.
Best price
  • Friend -- NEW!

  • $250/ yr.
Best price
  • Practice Manager -- NEW!

  • $75/ yr.
Best price
  • New Graduate & Student

  • $0/ yr.

Wondering which membership fits you best? Check out our membership definitions! 

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