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Looking to hire relief support? Looking to offer your services as a relief veterinarian? See our relief listings below. Free 30-day listings are available for CVMA members!

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Daria McKay, hospital manager


Posted 3/1/21

Community Pet Hospital & Emergency Services is a 24/7 emergency and general practice located in Thornton. We are in need of a relief DVM to fill in on swing and/or overnight emergency shifts ASAP through July. Some daytime ER or GP shifts may also be available. Our diagnostic capabilities include digital radiography, ultrasound, ECG, BP, SPO2 and a full suite in house lab with the IDEXX Procyte, IDEXX Catalyst, Vetscan UA, I-Stat, and Coag Analyzer. Some prior emergency experience needed; you’ll get lots of practice with GI cases, blocked toms, wounds and toxicity. Overnight shifts are 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. and are supported by highly skilled technical staff. Lodging may be available. Long term employment may also be a possibility for the right person. Email for a list of dates!

Lexi Abramson, DVM


Posted 2/4/21

START RELIEFING TODAY! Pick up shifts at your leisure, to continue your awesome lifestyle you’ve now been able to arrange! There’s no cost to you to remain a partner with MoVET. We onboard local vets and techs to be on our platform to streamline the clinic requests into one spot, thus giving all of us relief vets an opportunity to pick up shifts to help support our local Denver veterinary community. We coordinate everyone and try to work as a team (for example, picking up another relief vet’s shift if, for example, her kiddo gets sick and she can’t make it to her commitment, or she’s snowed in!). Pick up shifts whenever you see one that works with your new schedule. We bill the clinic, and pay you every two weeks so there’s no paperwork. You can be hired as an LLC (if you’ve formed or want to form your own company) or as an individual, doesn’t matter to us. We do require 2-3 years minimum of SA experience. And, the only commitment is that we request you to sign up for at least one relief shift every 3 months and be responsive to our text messages (because that’s how we communicate “on-demand” (< 48 hour notice) requests.) — respond with either a yes or no – and there’s no judgment either way! (We just need to know so we can respond to the clinic’s request ASAP.) NO NEED TO BE INTIMIDATED! Prior to going into a new clinic, you’ll receive a “Know Before you Go” pamphlet, detailing as much information about the clinic PRIOR to your first shift with them, where it details any access codes you’ll need, who you report to when you’re there, reference lab they use, euthanasia protocol, expected attire, COVID protocol, etc. Email us at and we’ll send you our on-boarding instructions if you’re interested! If you’re a Veterinarian or Veterinary Nurse and need support or just a change, I’d love to have you onboard with MoVET! If you’re a clinic looking for Relief, please email us also! Look forward to meeting you. All the best, Dr. A DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! “Working with MoVET has been the perfect match for what I was searching for in veterinary practice. The flexibility of relief work is enhanced greatly by having the support of Dr. A and MoVET to make undertakings such as shift scheduling, knowing the ins and outs and expectations a clinic might have, and numerous other pieces of working as a relief veterinarian an absolute breeze. I am forever grateful for finding such incredible clinics and ultimately, that gratitude starts with the opportunity to represent MoVET!” ~Dr. Rivera