Power of 10 Leadership Academy is a CVMA initiative designed to help member veterinarians develop foundational skills in leadership, communication, and business. Valued at over $2,000, a Power of 10 scholarship is a powerful benefit for CVMA members.

How it works

Ten participants will be selected from the applicant pool to participate in the Power of 10 | Doctors Leadership Academy. Participants will join a network of peers in a series of year-long learning experiences that commence in October and culminate in fall 2024 at CVMA Convention.

Through Power of 10, participants will:

  • Develop fundamental understanding of leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • Deepen comprehension of communication styles and skills
  • Acquire critical skills to intensify business acumen
  • Gain the competency to utilize these skills within your life, practice, and community
  • Heighten self-awareness and better understand how to maximize interactions with those around you
  • Develop a vision of the leader you can be – and what it takes to become that leader
  • Experience a supportive environment that fosters meaningful interpersonal relationships and collaborative, lifelong interactions

In-person learning experiences are scheduled to minimize the impact on working hours – and the entire program is designed to garner support from practice owners who recognize their key responsibility in developing human resources.

Participants will receive full tuition scholarships to the program, plus complimentary registration to CVMA Convention 2024 where Power of 10 | Doctors Leadership Academy graduates will be recognized. Participants must maintain a current 2024 CVMA membership. CVMA will provide food at each session, coaches, the curriculum team, and two nights of lodging in Nederland for the initial gathering; participants are otherwise responsible for their own lodging if needed and for transportation to all learning experiences.

Prospective participants are encouraged to review the curriculum and schedule below prior to applying. Attendance at all events is required and is very important for the Power of 10 experience. Every effort should be made to attend all events, and attendance is required without exception at the Initial Gathering.

*This program is intended for licensed veterinarians who graduated within the last seven years; other candidates may be considered based on their level of interest.

How to apply

Applications for the 2024-2025 Power of 10 Leadership Academy are open!

Applications are due by June 30, 2024.

Power of 10 coaches

Genevieve Forster, DVM, PhD

Dr. Genevieve Forster graduated from CSU’s DVM/PHD combined program in 2017. She has worked as a veterinarian in low-cost, high quality veterinary care and spent several years working as relief veterinarian along the front range. In October of 2020, she co-founded a non-profit veterinary clinic focused on providing low-cost, high-quality dental care and chronic disease management for underserved pet families in the Aurora/Denver area. While Dr. Forster intended to a pursue a career in large animal medicine, she discovered a passion for research, nutrition, and empowering the human-animal bond. She is dedicated to learning how to create spaces and relationships that foster connection and empowerment–and learning how to recover from all the mistakes along the way! She has enjoyed her experience with the Power of 10 program and is excited to continue learning as a facilitator. Dr. Forster lives in Fort Collins with her husband Zach, dog Skippyjon Jones, Alf an FIP survivor and his dedicated emotional support cat, Feta.

Heather Martinez, DVM, MPH, DACVPM

Dr. Heather Martinez is a veterinary epidemiologist and is currently completing a fellowship in veterinary services within the United States Department of Agriculture, specifically on the Bovine Tuberculosis Initiative. She is working on an international project in Mexico, helping with U.S. animals disease investigations, and forging transdisciplinary partnerships to combat this disease. She grew up just outside Seattle, and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado for college, where she graduated with a degree in biomedical sciences and a minor in Spanish. She graduated from Washington State University in 2013, where she fell in love with the idea of using animal health as a tool for human health and learned about how the One Health approach can bring multiple disciplines together to help solve complex, global health issues.

Dr. Martinez loves running and hiking with her dog (Jubilee), husband (Niko), and new baby girl (Eleni), but you are equally likely to find her curled up on the couch with her cats, Farli, Kokkino and Gretel, a steaming cup of coffee, and a good book. Dr. Martinez is a 2015 Power of 10 alumna, where the leadership training and contacts she made were instrumental in her growth as a veterinarian and leader. She is thrilled with the opportunity to continue her leadership journey with Power of 10 as a mentor!

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What our graduates say

“Power of 10 has been an invaluable experience for me. I have learned more effective communication strategies and how to recognize what I need in order to be the best practitioner, friend, and partner that I can be! I have also met the most amazing people during this experience and will value their friendships for a lifetime!”

– Danielle Adams, DVM (Power of 10 | Doctors Class of 2020)

“Applying for Power of 10 was the best spontaneous decision I’ve ever made; I’ve received so much support during the stressful craziness that was 2020 and I’ve met so many wonderful veterinarians whose positivity and perseverance is genuinely inspiring. I’ve grown as a vet and a person because of this program.”

– Nichole Haake, DVM (Power of 10 | Doctors Class of 2020)

“Being a member of P10 has opened my eyes about the importance of CVMA for legislative issues, wellbeing, and building relationships with other veterinarians. I am grateful to be a part of P10 and will continue to be  a member of CVMA for the remainder of my career.”

– Jeret Benson, DVM (Power of 10 | Doctors Class of 2016)


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