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Learn about the latest updates in advocacy and legislative affairs. One of the most vital and impactful things CVMA does is advocate on behalf of the veterinary profession in Colorado. Without the strength of our 2,000+ members behind us, and without your annual membership dues, we cannot effectively work under the golden dome to protect you, your practice, and the veterinary profession in Colorado. We fight to make sure legislators know how proposed bills can help or hurt your livelihood, veterinary medicine, and animal health and welfare. This is no easy task and no one person alone could hope to achieve what we can accomplish when we come together as a single voice. Together, we can protect veterinary medicine. Read on to see how we have been working to advance veterinary medicine in Colorado.

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Legislative Affairs

The 2021 Colorado legislative session will “gavel in” on January 13, 2021 and will address urgent business before “gaveling out” after a few days due to the pandemic. The legislature plans to return in full on February 16, 2021 to carry out the rest of the 120-day lawmaking term. The shift in timeline allows the General Assembly to maintain its 120-day legislative session but push the term into the late spring and early summer when COVID-19 numbers in the state are anticipated to have decreased.

CVMA plans to actively monitor and engage with bills that have the potential to impact the veterinary or animal welfare communities. CVMA will continue advocating for veterinarians when the legislature reconvenes.

For full bill descriptions, actions, and status of all the bills CVMA follows, see the CVMA Bill Tracker below. For the latest updates on CVMA legislative action, visit the CVMA News page.

The colors to the left of each bill indicate CVMA’s position on each piece of legislation.

  • Green = Support
  • Gray = Monitor
  • Red= Oppose


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Regulatory Affairs

CVMA does not have regulatory authority. Here is a list of resources related to the regulation of veterinary medicine in Colorado.