Animal Emergency Medical Training: Providing RECOVER Veterinary BLS and ALS Rescuer CPR Certification throughout Colorado… Is your team ready?

Animal Emergency Medical Training: Providing RECOVER Veterinary BLS and ALS Rescuer CPR Certification throughout Colorado… Is your team ready?

June 26, 2024— Animal Emergency Medical Training (AEMT) proudly offers RECOVER BLS and ALS Rescuer CPR Certification. This course is the in-person, hands-on certification for veterinary professionals who have already completed their online RECOVER BLS and ALS CPR courses and are ready to achieve their CPR Rescuer status. RECOVER (the REassessment Campaign On VEterinary Resuscitation, is the industry standard for consensus- and evidence-based CPR guidelines and is the only standardized CPR training offered through the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. It is also endorsed by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

Our instructors Heather Becker, DVM, and Kim Spelts, RVT, VTS-R (Anesthesia/Analgesia) are both RECOVER Rescuer Certified Instructors. We semiannually offer Rescuer certification classes in Colorado Springs. These courses are the same Rescuer certification workshops that are offered at major conferences such as IVECCS, VMX, and WVC. If you are not located in the Southern Colorado region, AEMT can travel to your facility bringing all our equipment for on-site Rescuer certification for your entire team.

At our Rescuer training courses, attendees will demonstrate the principles of proper BLS CPR, performing high-quality chest compressions and appropriate ventilation techniques utilizing our canine CPR mannequins. In the ALS Rescuer course, attendees work as a team to apply the RECOVER CPR algorithm guidelines while working through real-life CPR scenarios on our state-of-the-art, high fidelity CPR simulator mannequin as they receive real-time feedback during the code.

Rescuer certification indicates competency not just in the theory of CPR principles, but in the actual performance of veterinary CPR. Throughout the training, Rescuers will also develop invaluable teamwork skills including mastering closed loop communication, situational awareness, and a shared mental model as veterinary professionals from assistants up to doctors equally contribute to the smooth running of a code. These skills extend beyond CPR and can be applied throughout the hospital teamwork setting.

Dr. Becker is also a RECOVER certified Pet CPR Rescuer Instructor. RECOVER offers an online layperson BLS CPR course for pet owners. After its completion, pet owners can attend AEMT’s in-person Pet Rescuer course where they demonstrate CPR chest compression and mouth-to-snout ventilation skills on mannequins. We combine our CPR course with a basic pet first aid course for pet owners.

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