A mid-level veterinary practitioner in Colorado?

The mid-level practitioner…what is it, and how could it impact veterinary medicine in Colorado? For over a year, CVMA has been asking these questions to evaluate whether a new veterinary professional could positively impact the delivery of veterinary medicine in Colorado.

Advocacy is always the number one job at CVMA, and the mid-level practitioner issue is no different; CVMA has worked long and hard behind the scenes to ask the hard questions and ensure the voices of members have been represented during discussions regarding the mid-level practitioner.

NOTE: The terms “mid-level practitioner” and “veterinary professional associate”  are often interchanged and can be considered synonymous.

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Opposing this initiative will be a very long process. CVMA and other agriculture groups are working hard to prepare for a long opposition effort.

CVMA is communicating information about this initiative to members via eVOICE, CVMA’s weekly member e-newsletter. Keep an eye on eVOICE for more information about Ballot Initiative 16, including how you can help. Are you a CVMA member but not receiving eVOICE? Email us at [email protected] to make sure we’ve got your right email address on our list.

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