New help for canine cancer patients

New help for canine cancer patients

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Do you deliver cancer diagnoses?
Do pet parents ask what they should feed their dog with cancer?

There is now a great answer to that question!

Canine Biologics offers a first-of-its-kind nutrition system formulated by PhD veterinarians who specialize in oncology, tumor immunology, nutrition and cancer diets.

To receive a Free Starter Kit of our Integrated Nutrition System (retail value $99), be among the first 50 CVMA members to make a request so you can try it with one of your own patients.

Developed specifically for the unique needs of canine cancer patients, our three-part system provides everything a pet parent needs to provide their dog optimal nutrition. Some of the benefits demonstrated by the research studies on which our nutrition system is based include:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Improving neuromuscular function
  • Minimizing or reducing esophagitis and/or mucositis
  • Protecting the liver from side effects of chemo and radiation therapies

For some dogs, it may also:

  • Sensitize their lymphoma to the CHOP chemo protocol
  • Decrease pro-tumor T regulatory cells
  • Decrease bone marrow suppression caused by chemotherapy
  • Aid in weight gain or maintenance
  • Decrease elevation of liver enzymes
  • Reduce tumor growth

Does the nutrition solution you are currently recommending for canine cancer patients do all that?

If you are a veterinary professional, we would love to show you a new and better way to help your canine cancer patients. Click here to request additional information about our Integrated Nutrition System.

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