It’s October…time to renew your Colorado veterinary license with DORA

It’s October…time to renew your Colorado veterinary license with DORA

It’s that time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes are finding their way into the clinic, paws are bringing crunchy fall leaves in through the door, and veterinarians across Colorado are getting ready to renew their licenses.

To help ease some of the stress associated with license renewal, we’ve compiled some FAQs to help you through the process.

I have a question about my license – can CVMA help with that?

While we love to be as helpful as we can, unfortunately CVMA does not manage Colorado veterinary licenses and is unable to help with specific questions related to licensing. Licensing is managed by DORA. DORA has a list of FAQs on their account login page that references some helpful steps related to licensing. Specific licensing questions can be directed to [email protected].

I’ve heard there’s a new requirement for license renewal this year – what’s that about?

Due to Colorado legislation that was passed in 2019, the State Board of Veterinary Medicine now requires a minimum of 1 hour of CE on substance use prevention topics prior to license renewal. Veterinarians must complete CE related to all four of the following topics:

  1. Best practices for opioid prescribing, according to the most recent version of the Division’s Guidelines for Prescribing and Dispensing Opioids;
  2. Recognition of substance use disorders;
  3. Referral of patients with substance use disorders for treatment; AND
  4. Use of the Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

To the extent the statutorily required training pertains to the practice of human medicine, this training does not authorize veterinary medicine practitioners to engage in the practice of human medicine, nor does it require the veterinary medicine practitioner to refer human beings to treatment for suspected substance abuse disorders.

The new requirements exempt any veterinarian who either maintains a national board certification that requires equivalent substance use prevention training or who attests to the board that they do not prescribe opioids.

I haven’t taken this training yet – where can I get it?

CVMA has developed a training that meets this new requirement. The training is worth 2.5 CE hours and is available to all CVMA members as a part of their membership dues, and is available to non-members for $139.95. These CE hours count toward the overall 32 hours required for license renewal. Click here to learn more about the CE and register.

Is there a chance the State Board of Veterinary Medicine might extend the license renewal deadline due to COVID-19?

At an August meeting of the State Board of Veterinary Medicine, the board considered and adopted a proposal to extend the deadline for the CE required for license renewal. The proposal would have extended the deadline to December 31, 2020, pending verification of statute. However, CVMA followed up with the veterinary board program director, who indicated that due to the language of the statute, the board cannot provide a CE extension. This means that the license renewal deadline remains October 31, 2020.

Are there any grace periods for license renewal?

According to the State Board of Veterinary Medicine, licensees are given a 60-day grace period to renew their licenses (which includes an attestation about CE completion). This grace period expires December 31, 2020. There is a late fee that is assessed for any licensees who renew after the October 31 deadline.

I was not able to go to in-person CE this year due to COVID-19. Will online CE count?

Yes! The State Board of Veterinary Medicine has no restrictions on in-person CE versus virtual CE. CVMA has lots of virtual and recorded CE available for you to choose from if you still need CE. Click here to visit the CVMA CE page (P.S. Don’t forget that all CVMA members get discounts on CE!).

How many hours of CE do I need to renew my license?

Licensees must earn 32 hours of CE within a two-year period for license renewal. The newly required substance use prevention training CE counts toward that number.

How many hours of non-medical CE can I apply to my license renewal?

Licensees may apply a maximum of 6 hours of non-medical CE toward their license renewal.

Does CVMA keep records of attendance to confirm whether I’ve attended a CE program?

CVMA maintains sign-in lists for in-person events. For virtual CE offered by CVMA, attendees are responsible for completing a form after watching the program to receive their CE certificate. You do not need to keep records of your CE forms with CVMA – you should keep your own copies of CE forms to provide the State Board of Veterinary Medicine with any necessary documentation.

I still need CE hours to renew my license. What’s available?

You’re in luck! CVMA has been busy developing affordable virtual CE since COVID-19 hit – click here to check out the offerings on our CE page. Don’t forget, CVMA members receive discounts on all CVMA CE. Additionally, several CVMA chapters offer free CE regularly to their members.

How do I renew my license?

Click here to renew online through the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Online Services system. Be warned: DORA’s system is not compatible with mobile devices, and they strongly advise against using a smartphone or tablet to complete the renewal process. Make sure you have access to a laptop or desktop computer with the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or later.