Looking to minimize contact in the practice? Contactless payments can help.

Looking to minimize contact in the practice? Contactless payments can help.

Clay Farrell, president of CVMA preferred provider TMGvets.

As veterinary practices explore ways to decrease contact and keep clients and staff safe, companies like CVMA preferred provider TMGvets are stepping in to help practices minimize contact in the practice by leveraging technological solutions. We sat down with Clay Farrell, president of TMGvets, and asked him how technology is helping practices thrive during COVID-19.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in veterinary practice since COVID-19 started?

The biggest change we are seeing with veterinary practices is the interest in new payment technologies and new ways to accept payments. COVID-19 has created a need to get creative at checkout.

What are contactless payments and how do they work? What are mobile payments and how do they work?

Contactless payments are credit and debit cards, smart cards, and other devices such as smart phones and other mobile devices, that use near field communication for making secure payments. Mobile devices are ones that use wifi or cellular service to offer on the go payments. These are great for exam room checkout and curbside payments.

What are the advantages of contactless payments?

The biggest advantage to accepting contactless payments is you no longer have to touch your client’s credit or debit card. Through this technology the card holder can tap or hover over the payment device over the point of sale and the payment can be done securely without physical contact.

 What else can veterinary practices do to minimize contact with clients while still providing exceptional customer service?

Using mobile contactless payment devices can help practices create a fast, easy curbside checkout experience. This is a way to allow pet owners the ability to use your services without having to come inside the practice.

 What can Colorado veterinary practices learn from how other practices across the U.S. are responding to COVID-19?

I think the biggest thing Colorado veterinarians can learn from other practices such as ones in New York and other hot spot areas across the country is to try and create the safest checkout experience possible, whether that is through contactless payments, curbside checkout, online invoicing, or over-the-phone payments.

What one recommendation do you have for veterinary practices looking to incorporate more (or new) technology into their practices?

My recommendation is not to bite off more than you can chew. Many companies out there are taking advantage of practice owners and may try to sell them more payment technology than they need. With TMGvets we will analyze your situation and give you exactly what you need to provide an enhanced safe check-out experience.

Is there anything else you have to share or add for CVMA members?

We have a dedicated team of veterinary payment specialists available to help you. Our technology can help you provide a fast, easy check-out experience during this pandemic.

TMGvets is CVMA’s preferred business provider for merchant processing. CVMA members receive a discount on payment processing fees — visit tmgvets.com/cvma to learn more or contact Clay Farrell at 800-864-1122.