Join CVMA on Facebook!

Join CVMA on Facebook!

Are you on Facebook? Join our members-only CVMA Facebook group!

What is a closed Facebook group?

A closed Facebook group is a private, invitation-only community on Facebook. Closed groups are designed to be used by communities of people with similar interests so they can share ideas, exchange information, and ask questions in a private setting. A closed group is different from a regular Facebook page as it is not open to the public and other members of Facebook; only members of the group can post in the group and see what is posted.

Why join?

This is your chance to connect with your colleagues and the CVMA community, 24/7, 365 days of the year! Joining the CVMA Facebook group allows you to:

  • Meet other CVMA members and form bonds with new colleagues
  • See upcoming CVMA events and CE
  • Ask your veterinary colleagues for practice management tips or advice
  • Hear about CVMA news and veterinary updates

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