CVMA announces 2023 award winners

CVMA announces 2023 award winners

CVMA was pleased to recognize its 2023 award winners and Life Membership awardees during the virtual 2023 Annual Membership Meeting. Thank you to all of our exceptional members for your outstanding work and service to the veterinary community — we salute you!

Veterinarian of the Year: William Houseweart, DVM

CVMA recognizes Dr. William Houseweart as the 2023 CVMA Veterinarian of the Year.

Dr. Houseweart was nominated by his peers in recognition of his tireless efforts to give back to his community in rural Colorado. Dr. Houseweart has a long history of serving Colorado’s rural communities, having been born and raised in Hotchkiss, Colorado. The first Houseweart arrived on Rogers Mesa in Hotchkiss in 1915; over the years, the following generations continued to expand the size of the Hotchkiss ranch. In 1967, Dr. Houseweart earned his DVM from CSU and returned to the family ranch to serve his local community. In 2015, he and his wife received the distinct honor of being named a Centennial Ranch, and in 2018, they received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Delta County Livestock Association.

Dr. Houseweart’s colleagues say that he is always available to animals in need, providing charitable work for people he knows who can’t afford his service.

Congratulations, Dr. Houseweart, and thank you for setting an example of what service to community looks like!

Distinguished Service Award: Emily Graves, VMD, MS, DACVIM (LAIM)

CVMA recognizes Dr. Emily Graves for her long years of service as chair of the CVMA Education Commission.

Dr. Graves has served as chair of the CVMA Education Commission for 12 years since 2011. With an introduction to teaching as a medicine resident, Dr. Graves has always been passionate about opportunities that help educate others. Just some of her educational efforts have included medical training of Zoetis colleagues, educational speaking events for veterinarians and clients, and participating in veterinary student mentorship, courses, and events at CSU. Dr. Graves has also served as a board member on the Zoetis Women’s Council and remains active with ACVIM and AAEP.

With over 24 years in the veterinary industry, Dr. Graves has worked in a variety of roles including private practice, academia, mobile equine medicine consulting and equine relief work. Dr. Graves is currently the medical lead for Zoetis Diagnostics point-of-care hematology platform; in this role, she supports hematology product development for all species, leads technical research studies, and creates educational materials for veterinary teams.

Congratulations, Dr. Graves, and thank you for your service in developing exceptional education for Colorado veterinarians!

Life Membership awardees

CVMA also recognized its Life Membership awardees. The CVMA Life Member awards recognize current CVMA members who are entering their 40th year of membership with CVMA. CVMA offers a complimentary membership to veterinarians who reach the 40-year milestone of membership with CVMA in recognition of their support to the Colorado veterinary community.

Congratulations to the following 2023 Life Membership awardees!

  • Dr. Connie Stapleton
  • Dr. Jeffy Norton
  • Dr. Lori Johnson
  • Dr. Paige Garnett
  • Dr. Sara Mark
  • Dr. Sarah Jones
  • Dr. Susan Schneider
  • Dr. Timothy Thompson