AVMA House of Delegates pass five resolutions, including changes to policies on raw milk, antimicrobials, and genetic modification

AVMA House of Delegates pass five resolutions, including changes to policies on raw milk, antimicrobials, and genetic modification

By Curtis Crawford, DVM | Colorado Delegate AVMA House of Delegates and Pete Hellyer, DVM, MS, DACVA | Colorado Alternate Delegate AVMA House of Delegates

The summer 2022 AVMA House of Delegates met in person at Philadelphia this past week just prior to the start of the 2022 AVMA Convention. The past two summer meetings had been virtual (2020) and a hybrid virtual/in person conference last year because of COVID.  It was great to be back together in person and the enthusiasm was palpable! I’m sure our upcoming CVMA Convention in Keystone will have a similar vibe (registration is open!).

Dr. Rena Carlson from Idaho was chosen as the AVMA President Elect and Dr. Jennifer Quammen took office as AVMA Vice President. Dr. Lori Teller is your AVMA President.

Five resolutions (2022 Resolutions 6 through 10) were considered by the House of Delegates. Three concerned minor revisions of current AVMA policies that were due for review and update, and two were new resolutions. All passed with minor revisions in wording.

  • Resolution 6, a new policy on “Use of Prescription Drugs in Veterinary Medicine” will supersede the current policies on “Guidelines for Veterinary Prescription Drugs,” “Writing Veterinary Prescriptions,” and “Client Requests for Prescriptions.”
  • Resolution 7, also a new policy on “Adverse Event Reporting” will supersede the current policies on “Adverse Event Reporting” and on “Vaccinovigilance.”
  • Resolution 8 will revise the current policy on “Genetic Modification of Animals in Agriculture.”
  • Resolution 9 revises the current policy on “Approval and Availability of Antimicrobials for Use in Food-Producing Animals.”
  • And Resolution 10 revises the current AVMA policy on “Raw Milk.”

These policy revisions can be viewed on the AVMA website or in the upcoming JAVMA.

Extensive discussions were held regarding the two Veterinary Information Forum topics that you all had a chance to comment on earlier this year; The AVMA Model Practice Act (specifically in regards to telemedicine and the VCPR, license portability and guidance for better delineation of veterinary technician and veterinary assistant roles and supervision), and  “Annotations to the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics (PVME)” concerning the responsibility for veterinarians to provide emergency veterinary care.  The opinions that you brought up in response to these topics were varied and well thought out.  The delegates passionately debated these issues in committees and on the floor pointing out the need for further discussions and work on these topics.

The AVMA is starting the Coalition for Connected Veterinary Care to explore many of the issues regarding proper use and regulation of telehealth modalities. Its tagline, “Relationships first. Technology forward.” emphasizes its focus on safeguarding animal and human welfare while utilizing the wonderful technology avenues available to us in today’s age.

Our own past CVMA CEO Ralph Johnson introduced an AVMA and VMAE joint collaboration program launching entitled “Journey for Teams” with the goal to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the nation’s veterinary profession. “Journey for Teams” will involve a sustained commitment to in-depth DEI learning. Beginning this fall and over the next two years, new learning modules will be released monthly. Tools and resources will include the program’s website, a guide, a video, the introductory webinar, learning modules and a facilitator’s handbook.

Your AVMA continues to provide many member benefits and opportunities including insurance through the AVMA Trust (business, liability, life, disability), online education through AVMA Axon including certification programs for veterinary first responders, charitable donations and programs through the American Veterinary Foundation, Federal and State Advocacy outreach through the AVMA PAC and countless other programs focusing on impacting veterinarians, the public and the animals we steward in a positive way.  Explore the AVMA and all it offers on the AVMA website. You will be astounded by what almost 100,000 members can do together.

Next year’s AVMA Convention will be held in Denver. Hope to see you there!