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Save Your Sanity: Igniting Efficiency, Engagement, and Positive Change in Yourself and Your Practice

Bret Canfield
Katherine Garcia, MA, LAC, MAC

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March 28 | 6:30 p.m.
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Transforming Chaos Into Calm (1 hour)

The universe is a storm of oppositional forces. A dance of extremes. Balance can only be found when those forces are pushing against each other equally. We know that chaos is ever present in our clinics. We know that entropy is affecting our lives every single day. It is time to return to balance–to have a plan–and to implement that plan from a place of calm, collected certainty. In this session we will discuss the vital importance of procedural efficiency and how it will transform your world from chaos into calm.

Transforming Struggle Into Serenity (1 hour)

You are amazing. You have stood in the eye of the storm and helped your team find balance in their journey away from chaos. But let’s be honest, it’s a struggle. A daily difficult struggle. What we need now is some serenity. A beautiful dance between the highs and the lows, the victories and the strife. In this session we will delve deeply into operational efficiency and develop strategies to help you transition from struggle into serenity.

Transforming Surviving Into Thriving (1 hour)

The hero’s journey always requires moving through the dark night of the soul. You’ve used your courage, and you’ve passed that all-too-challenging test. Now, you have earned the chance for you and your crew to follow your bliss. We’ve spent enough time not-drowning. The time has come for us to swim again. In this session we will truly dance together into the world of engagement efficiencies and evolve from just surviving into finally thriving!

Rising Above Compassion Fatigue and Pandemic Fatigue (1 hour)

The pandemic has increased levels of stress and anxiety for people from all walks of life–including veterinarians. However, there are stressors that are unique to the veterinary professions, and these are significant. Peer Assistance Services is here to help, and this session addresses strategies for finding a way forward with hope.

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“Excellent presentations. I appreciated the practical recommendations and time during Bret’s presentations to think through scenarios.
Both gave me hope of recovery from the personal and professional impact of COVID.”