Connect for Care

What is Connect for Care?

Connect for Care (previously called Return for Care) is a unique CVMA member benefit program designed to unify veterinarians, shelters, and pet owners all around the same common goal: Ensuring adopted shelter pets receive the lifelong health care they deserve.


Connect for Care works by asking adopters to choose a participating veterinarian at the time of adoption for a complimentary post-adoption wellness exam. If needed, the veterinarian will also provide for up to $250 worth of care for designated post-adoption medical illnesses for up to 14 calendar days post-adoption. For veterinary practices, Connect for Care is a powerful client acquisition tool. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Program FAQs to learn more!

Connect for Care replaced the Healthy New Pet Guide in 2018.

Who can participate in Connect for Care?

Access to the Connect for Care program is an exclusive benefit for CVMA members; at least one veterinarian at each participating practice must be a CVMA member. Any practice with a CVMA member small animal veterinarian in the following counties may participate: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson.

Participating shelters must be PACFA-licensed and a member of the Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance (MDAWA).

Current participating shelters are:

See what participants are saying

“The Connect for Care program has been wonderful. We have met some amazing clients that truly care about their newly adopted fur babies and we have been able to help those babies take the first steps to a healthy life. Those clients have returned to us for follow up and routine care. We love helping out the community and being able to offer this service.”

Lindsay Mamula-Crippen, DVM, MBA, CVPM
Veterinary Center of Parker, Inc.

“Connect for Care has been a welcome addition to our hospital. Not only does it regularly bring in new clients, it also allows our team the opportunity to provide a service to the community that satisfies one of the tenets of our mission statement. The clients are greatly appreciative of the time that we’ve taken to examine their new family member, and we have received online reviews from new adopters saying as much. We plan to continue in years to come.”

How can I enroll my practice?

Enrollment is quick and easy!

Download an enrollment form.

Small annual fee of $125 applies.


Contact Ashley Larson, CVMA Connect for Care Program Manager at or 303.539.7646.