General Program

Colorado Infectious Disease and Other Regulatory Updates to Help You Succeed in a Changing World

Maggie Baldwin, DVM
Katherine Garcia, MA, LAC, MAC
Jennifer House, DVM, MPH
Keith Roehr, DVM
Tracy Woodall, DVM, MPH

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Updates From the Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office (2 hours)

Get the latest updates on rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHDV2), vesicular stomatitis (VSV), and other diseases impacting pets and livestock in Colorado.


Rabies Law and Updates: Common Questions and Pitfalls (1 hour)

Are you prepared to answer your client’s questions about rabies? Do you know what types of exposures are considered rabies exposures to your patients? Do you know the regulations for rabies vaccines and follow-up on exposures in your area? Do you know where to go and who to call for questions related to rabies in Colorado? While this is one of the oldest diseases in veterinary medicine, clinicians often have very specific jurisdictional questions. Join this session to learn the disease dynamics in Colorado and how to avoid common mistakes.

Plague, Tularemia, Q-Fever, and Other Zoonotic Diseases (2 hours)

Would you like to feel better prepared when you have a patient present with signs of plague, tularemia, or coxiellosis (coxiella burnetii)? Would you like to know how to better protect yourself, your staff, and clients from zoonotic diseases? Get the answers to these questions and more during this session. Understand zoonotic disease in Colorado and get prepared to manage zoonotic diseases in your patients while minimizing exposure and illness for those who care for them.

Asking for a Friend: What to Expect When Seeking Help from the Veterinarian Peer Health Assistance Program (1 hour)

As veterinarians learn to recognize signs of substance use in their clients, questions may arise around addressing substance use concerns within yourself or among your colleagues. The good news is, there are programs available to assist veterinarians who may be struggling with substance use, mental health issues, or other conditions that may affect their practice. This session will help you recognize the signs of substance use or mental health conditions that could be affecting practice and learn how to refer yourself or a colleague for help.