Here at CVMA, we’re dedicated to working on behalf of veterinary professionals in Colorado to protect and advance the practice of veterinary medicine. Part of that important mission is  providing the CE veterinarians need to succeed in Colorado.


Per the Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine, all veterinarians in Colorado must complete CE on substance use prevention training for license renewal. This CE from CVMA covers all of the required topics.

CVMA will be releasing an updated Substance Use Prevention Training course in summer 2023. Need to access the course now for audit purposes? Contact us at [email protected].


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Please note that a new version of this course will be released in the spring of Colorado licensing years (even-numbered years). CVMA regularly refreshes its educational content to ensure information is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to practitioners. Once a new version of this course is made available, the previous course will no longer be accessible and the new course will need to be purchased.


Helping veterinarians succeed in Colorado is a key part of the CVMA mission. To help Colorado veterinarians navigate the new substance use prevention training requirements, CVMA has created a list of frequently asked questions.

About the CE

Is this CE only available to CVMA members?

No! This CE is available to all CVMA members as a part of their membership dues, and is available to non-members for a fee. Non-member veterinarians may become CVMA members to get this CE for free.

I took this training for the 2020 Colorado licensing period; do I need to take it again?

Yes. The state requires training on substance use prevention be completed EACH licensing cycle. CVMA has released new course material for this training to ensure the most relevant and accurate information is included.

How do I access this CE?

This CE is available on demand as a recorded webinar. “On demand” means that you can watch the CE as a webinar recording anytime that is convenient for you — there is no scheduled time for viewing.

How does the CE from CVMA compare to other CE options out there?

The CE offered by CVMA is unique in that it meets ALL four key topic areas required by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine for CE on substance use prevention training, all in one CE session.

How many hours of CE is this training?

This training provides 1 hour of CE that can be applied toward your total 32 hours needed for license renewal.

How will I receive my CE certificate once I’ve watched it?

You will be prompted to fill out a form at the end of the video; after completing the form, your CE certificate will be emailed to you.

I’m a CVMA member; how do I get this CE for free?

Make sure you are logged in to your member profile on the CVMA website when you register for this CE — otherwise you will be charged the non-member rate.

I’m a practice manager; can I purchase or register for one recording and have all the doctors in my practice watch it?

The Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine requires this CE to be verifiable. CVMA verifies completion of this CE by asking every veterinarian to complete the registration process so that we can track who has completed the CE. To receive a CE certificate, each veterinarian must have his or her own registration; only one CE certificate will be issued per registration.

About the state requirement

I have a question about my license – can CVMA help with that?

While we love to be as helpful as we can, unfortunately CVMA does not manage Colorado veterinary licenses and is unable to help with specific questions related to licensing. Licensing is managed by DORA. DORA has a list of FAQs on their account login page that references some helpful steps related to licensing. Specific licensing questions can be directed to [email protected].

Is this training in addition to the 32 hours of CE currently required by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine?

No. This training on substance use prevention is included in the 32 hours of CE already required by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Do I just have to take this training one time?

The state requires veterinarians to complete the training EACH licensing cycle.

Why and when was this requirement added?

On May 23, 2019, Governor Jared Polis signed SB19-228 Substance Use Disorders Prevention. The new law requires the State Board of Veterinary Medicine to adopt rules on substance use prevention training for prescribers; the new rules went into effect on November 30, 2019. Read more about the background of the bill and CVMA’s input on the new rules.

Is this a CVMA requirement?

No. This new requirement is a result of legislation that was passed. CVMA is assisting veterinarians in obtaining the required CE by offering it virtually to veterinarians looking to renew their Colorado licenses.

What else do I need to know about this requirement?

  • The rules are based on SB19-228 (Substance Use Disorders Prevention), which was passed during the 2019 Colorado legislative session. Read more about the background of this bill and the rules.
  • The rules went into effect on November 30, 2019 and require any veterinarian who is seeking a license renewal, reactivation, or reinstatement to complete at least one hour of CE per licensing cycle related to all of the four following topics:
    • (1) Best practices for opioid prescribing, according to the most recent version of the Division’s Guidelines for Prescribing and Dispensing Opioids;
    • (2) Recognition of substance use disorders;
    • (3) Referral of patients with substance use disorders for treatment; AND
    • (4) Use of the Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.
  • To the extent the statutorily required training pertains to the practice of human medicine, this training does not authorize veterinary medicine practitioners to engage in the practice of human medicine, nor does it require the veterinary medicine practitioner to refer human beings to treatment for suspected substance abuse disorders.
  •  The requirements exempt any veterinarian who meets the following criteria:
    • Maintains a national board certification that requires equivalent substance use prevention training; or
    • Attests to the board that the health care provider does not prescribe opioids.

How does the Colorado requirement compare to requirements in other states?

Colorado’s requirements are the most specific as they require CE on the widest array of topics compared to other states. Additionally, Colorado is currently the only state that requires CE on use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. This CE from CVMA covers all of the topics currently required by the state for licensing.

Where can I read more about the Colorado substance use prevention training requirements?

Veterinarians can find more information on the requirements in Rule 1.2(G) on page 9 of the new Rules.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about the new requirements, please contact the State Board of Veterinary Medicine at [email protected]. For additional questions about this CE offered by CVMA specifically, please contact CVMA at [email protected].