Peak Therapeutics CBD

Peak Therapeutics was created by Dr. James Gaynor in an effort to bring quality, honesty, integrity, efficacy, and transparency to the the veterinary CBD market. Our hemp is grown organically in Colorado and processed in the Colorado mountains. Peak Therapeutics hemp-based CBD products are formulated by a veterinarian who actually treats animals. Our CBD products can aid pets with pain, anxiety, seizures, sleep and more. All of our Certificates of Analysis are available on line at our website. No need to search or request them via email. We have multiple programs available for veterinarians. For those interested in stocking our product, we have a wholesale purchase program. For those who would rather just recommend our products we have a progressive Affiliate program. Let us know how we can help you help your patients.

Meet the team

Dr. James Gaynor

President and Chief Medical Officer

Kara Martella

Inside Sales

Sasha Gaynor

Northwest Sales and Events Coordinator

Daniel Schaefer

Vice President for Production

Show special!

Additional 10% off (total 42%+) initial wholesale purchase through September 30, 2020.

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