Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps seeks veterinary volunteers for COVID-19 response

Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps seeks veterinary volunteers for COVID-19 response

Read below for a message from the Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (CO VMRC) to all Colorado veterinarians.

As communities, we are all affected by the current pandemic. We are seeing a surge of work that needs to be done, particularly in medical fields. To this end, The Colorado Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (CO VMRC) program provides veterinary professionals and animal emergency responders with the training and credentialing necessary to support animal health and public health emergency response.

Our local communities, under the strain of these unique circumstances, are looking for medical and support personnel who can lend a hand to participate in supporting our colleagues in the human medical field.

Would you like to know more as this opportunity to support our human health colleagues develops? If so, please contact Stephanie Swearingen, Professional Groups Liaison, at [email protected]. Or, click this link here: and we’ll reach out to you!

Additionally, we are looking for people who are willing to jump in and get their hands dirty with us.  Experience is not needed but is appreciated!

We are looking to fill the following four specific roles first – are any of these a good fit for you!?

Community Liaison

A comfort with technology is a requirement for this position.  We are looking for an individual to help us connect with the community we are serving!

You will work closely with our Communications Lead (Liv Feinstein) to coordinate our unit’s messaging and presence within the community.  You will be working alongside our Professional Groups Liaison (Steph Swearingen) and our Sponsor Liaison (position currently open).  We are interested in establishing a social media presence and creating a unit newsletter.  We are looking for a vibrant individual willing to participate in and help plan events, take videos, photos, etc. and help our community know who we are!

Member Manager i.e. the Team Caretaker

We are looking for an individual to take care of the humans in our unit to make sure that our volunteers and unit members are taken care of – both before deployment as well as during.

The individual in this position will be responsible for maintaining our member database (the Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer) by tracking and entering training, ensuring background checks are completed, and assisting with communication throughout the team.  During deployments, this individual will be responsible to ensuring that volunteers have places to sleep, if needed, are staying fed, hydrated, and emotionally resilient!

Inventory Manager

We are looking for someone to help provide organizational oversight on our unit’s inventory.

This involves conducting an inventory audit….once COVID quarantine is over….and establishing a maintenance schedule.  You will be working closely with our Mission Support team to ensure that we have the supplies and equipment we need for future deployments.  This individual will also be responsible for maintaining control and accountability for our inventory while deployed to make sure we return with all non-perishable items and restock our perishable goods.

Treasurer – don’t let this title scare you off!

If you have experience in financial matters, that would be great…but is not required.

We are looking for an individual to work closely with coordinators for both the East and West VMRC units to ensure that we are keeping meticulous financial records so that we can be completely transparent with our unit members as well as our contributors in the community.  Our unit (VMRC-East), along with our sister unit (VMRC-West) are managed through the Eagle Valley Human Society which is a 501c3 organization