CVMA member town hall addresses upcoming 2021 legislative issues

CVMA member town hall addresses upcoming 2021 legislative issues

During a member town hall on January 25, CVMA shared a preview of key legislative issues to watch in Colorado during the Colorado General Session.

(Did you miss the town hall? The recording is available to watch here!)

CVMA also hosted an informational presentation during the event from the Dumb Friends League about Socially Conscious Animal Communities, an important bill that will be introduced in the legislature in February. The bill would amend the PACFA Act and would set minimum standards for the treatment of dogs and cats in shelters and rescues. The bill was originally introduced in the legislature in 2020, but had to be abandoned due to COVID-19.

Fundamental goals of Socially Conscious Animal Communities are achieved through shelter and community commitments to:

  • Ensure every unwanted or homeless pet has a safe place to go for shelter and care
  • Place every healthy and safe animal
  • Assess the medical and behavioral needs of homeless animals and ensure these needs are thoughtfully addressed
  • Align shelter policy with the needs of the community
  • Alleviate suffering and make appropriate euthanasia decisions
  • Consider the health and wellness of animals for each community when transferring animals
  • Enhance the human-animal bond through thoughtful placements and post-adoption support
  • Foster a culture of transparency, ethical decision-making, mutual respect, continual learning, and collaboration

In 2019, the CVMA Board of Directors adopted a position statement in support of the concept of the Socially Conscious Animal Community movement. The statement acknowledged the importance of striving to create the best outcomes for all animals by treating them respectfully and alleviating suffering. CVMA plans to support the bill during the 2021 legislative session.

In addition to the socially conscious sheltering bill, CVMA is also following the a handful of other bills that address the following animal-related topics:

  • Traveling exotic animals
  • Pollinators
  • Bobcat/mountain lion hunting
  • Courtroom animal advocates
  • Pet stores

CVMA is already actively monitoring bills as they are being developed, and will take positions as necessary throughout the session.

Were you unable to attend the town hall? Click here to watch the recording!