Economic and Personal Wellbeing Initiative

CVMA has undertaken a strategic initiative to enhance the economic and personal wellbeing of veterinarians in Colorado.

CVMA has committed to focusing on your economic and personal wellbeing by introducing two new suites of resources and a new membership option!

CVMA Performance Analytics

Three proven benchmarking tools that can help you improve practice performance:

Practice Diagnostic Report – A personalized comparative report providing useful and unique management statistics about your business in five key areas of practice management, with information that can be used to set targets that improve scheduling and client flow; set appropriate staffing levels; help control costs and set budget targets; and decrease expenses.

The following are SAMPLE results only for one hospital and not a reference for everyone; they are provided simply to show an example of what you will receive if you utilize the Practice Diagnostic Report Survey analytics tool.

Client Satisfaction Survey – An accurate measurement of current client satisfaction levels that provides a valuable and personalized snapshot of how well your practice is serving clients; the information in the report can be used to improve client service, decrease the stress associated with dissatisfied clients, and provide an effective tool to change staff behavior.

Personalized Fee Guide – The culmination of two decades of research into veterinary fees, incomes, and client surveys, this simple tool allows you to quickly develop a fee guide specific to your practice—it is not reliant on neighboring practice charges, or on the economics of your area—and comes with all the support you need to start making real changes to your revenues.

Click here for the CVMA Performance Tools Order Form

CVMA Performance Resources

Four effective ways to boost the performance of your people, build volume and value, and improve your personal and practice financial health:

Certified Veterinary Assistant – Recognizing that a more professional staff is critical to enhancing any clinic’s value to its clients, the CVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant program provides a dynamic and innovative learning experience that educates veterinary assistants in the essential skills and knowledge needed to become effective contributors to the veterinary healthcare team. This online program is built on a standardized educational curriculum for entry-level veterinary staff, delivered by Animal Care Technologies, on a flexible schedule, with preferred pricing for members. It provides an effective learning pathway especially geared to today’s technology-adept employee and culminating in a credible certification for veterinary assistants recognizing skills, knowledge, and practical work experience that meet CVA standards.

VetMed Resource – The world’s most comprehensive collection of veterinary information—with fully searchable access to more than 1.2 million abstracts from more than 3,500 journals, books, and conference proceedings and links to a vast collection of 14,000 full-text articles—VetMed Resource is the veterinary-specific tool that let’s you base your practice on the best available evidence. Whether you’re in practice or research or a professor or student, you’ll find continuing education and research value in VetMed Resource. Click here for additional information from VetMed.

Practice Performance Webinars – CVMA is pleased to announce it is teaming up with Communications Solutions for Veterinarians to offer members a special discount on monthly one-hour webinars on communication skills, compliance, and client service. Your entire staff can participate and earn CE credit. If your team isn’t available on a webinar date, you may purchase access to the on-demand session, letting you set your staff meetings around your schedule.
These webinars let you train your entire team for an affordable price. Notices for the 2014 webinars will be sent via email.

Partners for Healthy Pets Practice Resources Toolbox  Partners for Healthy Pets – an industry-wide collaboration to ensure pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular veterinarian visits – now offers a Practice Resources Toolbox, which contains powerful tools and resources to enhance the delivery of preventive healthcare and your communication with pet owners about the value of routine care. By using these free tools, CVMA members can increase new and existing client visits, increase compliance among pet owners, enhance the delivery of high-quality preventive care, and help pet owners understand the critical role of the veterinarian and the veterinary healthcare team in the health of their pet. Click here for these powerful tools to improve the vitality of your patients and your practice.

Partners for Healthy Pets commercials to share on your websites and with your clients:



 Practice Package

CVMA is now offering a new high-value option: the Practice Package for CVMA members. With this option, every veterinarian in the practice becomes a CVMA member, and special benefits are delivered to the practice—including a complimentary Practice Diagnostic Report, a complimentary Personalized Fee Guide, and more. Not only will this be CVMA’s best value for the practice, it’s also the best way to assure that every doctor is receiving CVMA’s print and electronic communications and is robustly connected to Colorado’s veterinary community.

Other Resources

CVMA has also gathered together additional resources that might be of value to our members. Click on the links below for articles and information.


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