CVMA Service Awards
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CVMA Service Awards

Each year CVMA proudly recognizes outstanding individuals who contribute to the advancement of veterinary medicine and animal health. These Service Awards are presented during the CVMA annual convention. A call for nominations for these prestigious awards usually mails out in the spring, and is subsequently published in the following issue of the CVMA Voice.

Service Award Recipients

Veterinarian of the Year
Rising Star Veterinarian
Distinguished Service Award
Outstanding Faculty Award
Technician of the Year
Industry Partner


In 2011, we added a new dimension to the CVMA Sevice Awards and, with the generous support of Veterinary News Network (VNN), created videos for the Veterinarian of the Year and the Distinguished Service Award.


For a copy of the 2015 CVMA Service Awards printed program, click here

For a copy of the 2014 CVMA Service Awards printed program, click here

For a copy of the 2013 CVMA Service Awards printed program, click here.

For a copy of the 2012 CVMA Service Awards printed program, click here.

For a copy of the 2011 CVMA Service Awards printed program, click here.

Veterinarian of the Year

This award recognizes a distinguished member of the CVMA who has contributed to the advancement of veterinary medicine in the state of Colorado in the areas of organization, education, research, practice or regulatory service. Such service must be performed during the three calendar years immediately preceding the year the award is received.

1961  Gail Gilbert DVM
1962  Lee Phillips DVM
1963  Mark Morris Sr. DVM
1964  Kenneth W. Smith DVM
1965  Francis Candlin DVM
1966  Rue Jensen DVM
1967  William Howarth DVM
1968  Art Carroll DVM
1969  John Thimmig DVM
1970  O.R. (Bob) Adams DVM
1971  Nick Booth DVM
1972  Homer Brown DVM
1973  Harry Gorman DVM
1974  Vyrle Stauffer DVM
1975  G. Marvin Beeman DVM
1976  Don Reid DVM
1977  Charles Garvin DVM

1978  Maxine Benjamin DVM
1979  Art Herzberger DVM
1980  Duane Albrecht DVM
1982  John Makens DVM
1983  John W. Harrison DVM
1984  Richard Swanson DVM
1985  John Hudelson DVM
1986  William Trefz DVM
1987  Charles Vail DVM
1988  John Cheney DVM
1989  Jack Lebel DVM
1990  James Voss DVM
1991  Frank Black DVM
1992  James Hamilton DVM
1993  Don Ostwald Sr. DVM
1994  Glenn Severin DVM
1995  William Krause DVM

1996  John W. Albers DVM
1997  Rob Hilsenroth DVM
1998  Terry Swanson DVM
1999  Greg Schick DVM
2000  Jerry Bohlender DVM
2001  Susan Whitmore DVM
2002  Wayne Cunningham DVM
2003  Martin Fettman DVM, PhD
2004  John Harris DVM
2005  Barbara E. Powers, DVM, PhD
2006  Ted Cohn, DVM
2007  Jim Kennedy, DVM, MS
2008  Scott T. Carpenter, DVM
2009  Bruce Louderback, DVM
2010  Jed Rogers, DVM
2011 Aubrey J. Lavizzo, DVM

2012  Ursula Eckert-Peterson, DVM
2013  Keith Roehr, DVM
2014 Edward R. Eisner, DVM, DAVDC
2015 Lesli Groshong, DVM


Rising Star 

This award recognizes a CVMA member who has graduated from veterinary school in the last 10 years and during this time has made a significant contribution to veterinary medicine in the state of Colorado in the area of organizational activities (local, state, regional), private practice, regulatory services, education or research.

1993  Kevin Fitzgerald DVM MS PhD
1994  Liz Whitney DVM
1995  Robin Downing DVM
1996  Sharon Staples DVM
1997  Kris Abbey DVM
1998  Don Ostwald Jr. DVM
1999  Lee Meyring DVM
2000  Todd Towell DVM
2001  Narda Robinson DVM
2002  Leesa McCue DVM
2003  Yukiko Kuwahara DVM
2004  Melanie Marsden DVM
2005  Apryl Steele DVM

2006  Jenelle L. Vail, DVM
2007  Erin Epperly, DVM
2008  Christina Peters, DVM
2009  Steve Sharkey, DVM
2010  Beth Spencer, DVM
2011  Kathleen A. Cooney, DVM, MS
2012  Jessica Rychel, DVM, cVMA, CCRP
2013  Sara Ahola, DVM, MA
2014 Jeffrey Fankhauser, DVM
2015 Joy Fuhrman, DVM, MA, CPA


Distinguished Service

This award recognizes an individual who has contributed outstanding service to the advancement of veterinary medicine over an extended period of time in the state of Colorado in any or all aspects of the profession. This individual need not be a veterinarian, however, veterinarians are not excluded from being eligible for this award.

1971  Art Herzberger DVM
1972  Wayne O. Kester DVM
1973  Ms. Edna Travenick
1975  Ed Carroll DVM
1976  William J. Tietz DVM
1979  Sterling Clark DVM
1980  Mr. Dave Rice
1983  Dr. Bernard Rollin
1985  Robert Phemister DVM
1986  (No award)

1987  Ms. Elizabeth J. Jones
1988  Louie Pavetti DVM
1989  Rob Hilsenroth DVM and
         Cleon Kimberling DVM
1990  Mr. Al Kilminster
1991  Mr. Carl Beverly "Bev" Bledsoe
1992  Mr. Stan Sterling
1993  Charles Dickie DVM and Perrian R. Henry DVM
1994  Ms. Marilyn Bergquist
1995  John Young DVM
1996  D.H. Parker DVM

1997  Shirley Clark
1998  Delio Tamayo DVM
1999  Steve Cummings DVM and Mrs. Linda Cummings
2000  Donald Klinkerman DVM
2001  Gene Naugle DVM
2002  Steven Colter DVM
2003  A. Wendell Nelson DVM
2004  Lisa Hatcher DVM, MHPE
2005  Donald L. Piermattei DVM, MS, PhD

2006  John K. Young, DVM
2007  Robert Taylor, DVM, MS
2008  Mr. Ralph Johnson
2009  Marlon Neely, DVM
2010  David Gies
2011  George W. Platt, DVM
2012  Lance Perryman, DVM, PhD, DACVP
2013  Timothy Holt, DVM
2014  Apryl Steele, DVM
2015  Ted Cohn, DVM


Outstanding Faculty Award

This award recognizes a Colorado State University faculty member who has provided unselfish assistance to practitioners as a clinician, is a proficient and capable teacher, and/or has made significant contributions to continuing education.

1985  Glenn Severin DVM
1986  Robert Kainer DVM
1987  Wilbur Aanes DVM
1988  James Ingram DVM
1989  Leslie Ball DVM
1990  Rowan Frandson DVM
1991  R. Bruce Heath DVM
1992  Donald Piermattei DVM
1993  Robert Shideler DVM
1994  Jack Lebel DVM
1995  Stephen Withrow DVM
1996  Gregory Ogilvie DVM
1997  Ted Stashak DVM
1998  Gayle Trotter DVM
1999  David Twedt DVM
2000  Michael Lappin DVM
2001  Anthony Knight BVSc, MS, MRCVS
2002  Barb Powers DVM
2003  Josie Traub-Dargatz DVM, MS
2004  Dean Hendrickson DVM
2005  Richard D. Park DVM

2006  Hana Van Campen, DVM, PhD, DACVM
2007  Kristy Pabilonia, DVM
2008 Rodney A. Rosychuk, DVM, DACVIM
2009 Susan Lana, DVM, MS, DACVIM
2010  Katharine (Kathy) Lunn,  BVMS, MS, PhD, DACVIM
2011  Jane R. Shaw, DVM, PhD
2012  Khursheed Mama, DVM, DACVA
2013  Patricia Cole, DVM, PhD
2014  Craig Webb, PhD, DVM, DACVIM
2015  David C. Van Metre, DVM, DACVIM


Technician of the Year

This award recognizes an outstanding veterinary technician in Colorado—whether for exceptional clinical competence, a caring commitment to animal welfare, or for outstanding leadership ability—whose dedication raises the level of excellence in the veterinary profession, the technician’s community, or society as a whole.

2000  Debra Wolfe
2001  Marci Stille
2002  Rebecca Rose CVT
2003  Kenneth Krump
2004  Susan Brauer CVT
2005  Sara Sharp CVT
2006  Leslie Rockey, CVT
2007  Aimee Potter, CVT
2008  Hilary Ward, CVT
2009  Maura Green, LAHT, EMT
2010  Kim Polonsky, CVT
2011  Rebecca Vera, CVT
2012  Dawn Oliver, CVT
2013  Michael Hernandez
2014  Nicole Becker, CVT
2015  Amy Rodriguez, CVT, VTS

Industry Partner

This award, inaugurated in 2004, is presented to a company representative considered highly valuable in providing resources to DVMs and in supporting CVMA’s goals and mission.

2004  Tim Lara (Pfizer Animal Health)
2005  Bob Sandidge (CSC High Plains)
2006  Todd Towell, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Hills Pet Nutrition)
2007  Katie Cornelius (Fort Dodge)
2008  Bob Danielson, DVM (MWI Veterinary Supply)
2009  Michael T. Cavanaugh, DVM (Pfizer Animal Health)

2010   Georgine C. Mondich (MWI Veterinary Supply)
2011   Rebecca Rose, CVT (VPI Pet Insurance)
2012   Melissa Perkins (Merial)
2013   Marion Weston, MBA (Merck Animal Health)
2014   Amy Patterson
2015  Susan Ralston (Merial)

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